10TB is very proud and excited to announce a new product in our range, 10TB Cloud Servers, in association with VPS.NET, our fantastic scalable Elastic Cloud service!

You can have pure confidence when you buy a Cloud Server, it is fully scalable and redundant as well as being avaliable in multiple locations!

10TB has been open for almost a year now and has set the 10TB bandwidth industry alive by offering affordable 10TB servers first, now we are pushing the envelope once more by being the first to offer 10TB servers for less than $100, and as part of the UK2Group, you know you're in for a good, safe ride!

To gets deals or discounts - e-mail me tom (at) 10tb.com!

With a bunch of freebies () as defined below, you'd be mad to miss out

Features on ALL servers:

- Industry leading Tera Control Panel (View here)
- Flexible and instantly scalable
- Self-healing hardware with automatic failover
- Based in the UK or USA
- Powerful management interface
- High speed deployment in minutes
- Powerful Xen and Linux technology
- Choice of operating system (See below)
- FREE Comodo SSL certificates
- 1 IP address
- $25 Google AdWords credit
- 24x7x365 support
- Fully redundant gigabit network connectivity
- No commitment - upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime
- KVM Like console access

If you have any further questions feel free to e-mail me - tom (at) 10tb.com

Our plans:

Guaranteed CPU 2.80GHz
SAN Storage 70GB
Port 1 GigE (1000Mbit) port
Monthly transfer 10TB
Price $98
Order or send me an e-mail to tom (at) 10tb.com

Guaranteed CPU 4.40GHz
SAN Storage 110GB
Port 1 GigE (1000Mbit) port
Monthly transfer 10TB
Price $154

Guaranteed CPU 6GHz
SAN Storage 150GB
Port 1 GigE (1000Mbit) port
Monthly transfer 10TB
Price $195

Guaranteed CPU 9.20GHz
RAM 5.75GB
SAN Storage 230GB
Port 1 GigE (1000Mbit) port
Monthly transfer 10TB
Price $299

Control Panel prices:
ISP Manager Pro - FREE
cPanel - $10 per month

Additional extras:
Backups - $5 a month

IP Addresses
External IP's - $1 per month
Internal IP's - Free (2 per node)

Operating System Choices:
With over 50 images for personal setup, please see the live image list at the bottom of our cloud server page - here.