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    Smile VPS questions and recommendation please

    Hi there,

    while browsing the web I found this site and people here seem to be nice to beginners, too.
    So I am not afraid of asking some questions

    1. When I pay for a VPS and choose a Linux OS can I reinstall/change it by myself every time I want to?

    2. If I would like to have a Linux OS with a desktop should the VPS be as strong as a computer or stronger because its a VPS?

    3. Maybe I will go for a VPS with desktop.
    But maybe I will get a VPS with shell only to have some files online when I am not at home and need access to them + mailserver/webmail for one domain + website later.

    Can you tell me specs that fits both cases and recommend me a good provider, too?

    Preferred OS is Ubuntu 9.xx

    Important for me is

    - uptime
    - good support (no phone needed but quick email/ticket please)
    - reliable VPS with good speed
    - reliable, friendly provider

    And a good price is always welcome

    I encourage people to provide links to their offers by pm (I hope it is allowed here?!).

    Thank you very much for helping if someone does
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    Most of these things depend on the provider you go with but of course you definitely want to find a vps host with high uptime, good support so on, I'd suggest try using the "FIND A HOST" option here on WHT and then do thorough research from there on.

    Good luck!
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    You are right but I wanted to clarify that uptime and support is more important than e.g 1TB traffic

    I have read so many offers and now its important what specs I need.
    Then I can look better for a host.


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    1. Most providers will allow a number of templates (distro's) for you to pick from. Ubuntu 9.04 should not be a problem.

    2. Not every VPS provider will allow you to run a desktop GUI on your VPS. If this is something you really want to do you'll have to have whatever the minimum requirements are and of course the bigger the VPS the better the performance

    3. Unless you want to install yourself you're going to need to find a host that provides an image that allows you to run a desktop. You might want to check out this thread:

    Anyways my recommendations are:

    Fully Managed: Knownhost, ServInt and Wiredtree
    Unmanaged: Linode and Slicehost
    Budget: Ramhost and RapidXen

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    M8 JAMM Consulting is all you need. Have been hosting with them for a while now. If uptime is inportant for you they have a zero downtime guarantee. So if you get any downtime that is the foult of one of their servers you get a month free. And the support, cant say really anything to praise the support. I can just say that their support is like no other i have ever seen. You get your own support person and you only talk to one guy so you dont have to explain over and over again to difrent ppl.

    What can i say, will host my VPS with them a long time
    btw you can contact the admin on [email protected] on msn.

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    Thank you for your answers and recommendations.

    Now I can check the offers better

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    Ubuntu is a good distro but you should try out CentOS or RHET Linux for servers. In my opinion they are better.
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    I am more familiar with Ubuntu

    But Ill check the others out.

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    Well, I hope you find a good host soon, and do update us to what company you chose. =)

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    I tried the "Request a webhost"-feature but no one replied and I have send an email to CubicHost without any answer.
    Their offer looked good to me but no answer since 2 days is enough to forget it.

    I am bit disappointed now and check other offers :-/

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    What is your budget? There are plenty of excellent hosts that have exceptional uptime but like anything if you want quality you need to pay for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adria09 View Post
    I tried the "Request a webhost"-feature but no one replied and I have send an email to CubicHost without any answer.
    Their offer looked good to me but no answer since 2 days is enough to forget it.

    I am bit disappointed now and check other offers :-/
    As far as CubicHost, it's unmanaged though they would help a bit depending on what you need (especially starting up). CubicHost also recently changed provider and uptime been good so far but it hasn't been long. There are a few other ways to contact them on their website.

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