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    Any web hosting service for $25 for the entire first year

    Any service for $25 for the entire first year

    For the month of November 2009, we are running an INSANE $25 for ANY PACKAGE PROMOTION that allows people to buy any hosting service for ONLY $25.00 for the entire first year of hosting! Just in case you didnít catch the idea of the promotion Ö its $25 for the entire first year for ANY OF OUR SERVICES(except dedicated servers) during this promotion - no strings attached!

    Promotion FAQ:

    Cool Handle - Reliable web hosting
    Virtual Private Servers [VPS] - Web Hosting - Reseller Hosting - Dedicated Servers

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    "Thank you for your information, but at this time we respectfully cannot offer you our service at this time.

    We have reviewed the information you sent. Based on the information you sent, in combination with the other high-risk factors of your recent order we cannot except your order."

    :-( Discount Hosting Information

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