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    ++ - Dual Quad Core Xeons! Quadruple Your RAM For FREE! ++

    Hello everyone,

    We are currently running an introductory promotion to our new Dedicated Server product lines. We are currently featuring two types of servers. Quad Core Xeons and Dual Quad Core Xeon processors. These servers are professionally built SuperMicro servers. We are also offering FREE Hardware RAID configurations.The servers are currently housed at Silicon Valley Telecom & Internet Exchange in San Jose, California. Our network infrastructure is a simplified two-tier design based on routers and switches all from Extreme Networks. At the core of our network we have multiple routers all employing BGP routing protocols. Each core router consists of dual MSM management modules (in active-active mode) providing both improved routing speeds and resiliency.

    Get Quadruple the RAM for free on any of our Single Quad Core Xeon servers and get Triple the RAM for free on our Dual Quad Core Xeon servers!

    Every customer attached switch is multi-homed to our core routers. This provides fault-tolerance and redundant network paths in the case of connectivity loss to a core router.

    Server A (Quad Core Xeon)
    Single Quad Core Xeon 3210+ Processor
    Automatic Free upgrade to 8GB ECC DDR2 RAM!
    2x 500GB RAID Edition Hard Drives
    10mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
    1 Dedicated IP Address (More Available)
    Only $139.49/month - [Order Now]

    Server B (Dual Quad Core Xeon)
    Dual Quad Core Xeon 5420+ Processor
    Automatic Free upgrade to 24GB ECC DDR2 RAM!
    2x 1000GB RAID Edition Hard Drives
    10mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
    1 Dedicated IP Address (More Available!)
    Only $289.49/month - [Order Now]

    We also offer full server management for an additional $70 per month.

    The Above Servers Come With:
    Server Setup and Deployed within 24 Hours
    1 Dedicated IP Adresses (Additional IPs Available)
    Burstable 100 Mbps with Flex 95 Bandwidth
    No Bandwidth Overages
    DDoS Protection Available
    SuperMicro Servers
    Self-Managed (Management Options Available)
    Automated OS Reinstalls
    Power-Cycle Reboots
    Network Rescue Boot System
    FREE RAID Configurations

    Control Panel Addon Options
    No Control Panel Available - FREE
    cPanel/WHM - $40/Month
    Fantastico De Luxe Addon - $5/Month

    Upgradable Bandwidth Options
    50mbps Unmetered - $150
    100mbs Unmetered - $400

    Upgradable Hard Drive Options
    2x 1000GB - $60
    4x 1000GB - $150

    Full details and information page can be found here regarding our dedicated server products:

    If you have any questions about our services, please contact me at [email protected] or directly contact our sales department at

    [email protected].


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    The current prices are temporary only. Starting next week the base pricing for the servers will be the following:

    Server A (Quad Core Xeon) - $159.49/month
    Server B (Dual Quad Core Xeon) - $299.49/month

    Discounts are available when ordering multiple servers however.

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