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    DNS Lookup to find all records associated on name server?

    Anyone know how I can go to a domain and lookup all records registered with that domain on the DNS server?

    For example, If I go to and lookup a domain using their DNS Records search, it only shows me A and MX records

    No CNAMES or Subdomains that may have been setup as A or CNAME records.

    Anyone know where / how I can do this?
    Sid Shroff
    Senior Enterprise Web Administrator

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    find one of the nameservers, and then type, for example:

    dig axfr

    (I won't show the output as it's rather long)

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    The axfr option asks the name server for a zone transfer on the domain. Most DNS servers are configured to deny zone transfers to unauthorized hosts. I doubt you will have much success unless an administrator as make a serious mistake.

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    all you can do is ask, and if you receive it you're lucky.
    and how to ask ? run the above command. not hard.

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