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    Help Expertise Needed

    Please excuse my lack of html or IT experience.

    Looking at the forum I can see I am in over my head.

    I have been stuck for over a week, trying everything to no avail, with the same problem, and if I didn't live on the ground floor, I would have thrown myself out of the window.

    I am building a website with a wysiwyg programme (website x5), I have embedded google translate flags, for 13 languages, and it transalates inline. Once a flag is clicked it tranlates the current page and every subsequesnt page selected, it works well. Each flag clicked changes all text to relevant language for each page clicked.

    The dilema is this, There are many pdf files embedded (with direct linking) all in english and some powerpoint slides I converted to .jpeg. Now I want to work out a way that google can translate the text on these inline. I am aware you can go to google translate and upload an individual file and pick a language (that does work). but if I could get the pdf or ppt onto the webpage it would do it for me?

    I have tried embed tags, iframes and none translate as it seems google only tranlates the url and not the embed objects. I have converted one ppt to an html file which i cannot get onto the webpage.

    I am desperately trying to find the way that if someone non english speaking clicked on a link the .pdf or .ppt will be on website webpage (our url) so google translator will translate it automatically inline in the language already selected, like all the webpage text. Or any other way in any file format so that it can work.

    Getting a .pdf or .ppt or even the .html onto the webpage (not flash format) is puting years on me?

    Can anyone help me. please bear in mind I am of limited know how. My HTML knowledge is copy and paste and nothing more.

    Thank you very much.

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    Actually it's easy to put the translation result inline on your web page, but it needs a php script to grab the translation result and ajax to push it on certain area in you web page.

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    so basically you want to get the contents of a pdf / word document and have these translated? There isn't an easy way to do it i'm aware of. The only thing that comes to mind is to get the text out of the pdf, save it to database and then if someone clicks to view it in a different language then preform the translation at that point.

    So the action would go:
    1. person uploads pdf
    2. your program saves the pdf as usual but also gets the contents of the pdf as html (you can run a command line tool like pdftotext to do this quite easily)
    3. save the text to database
    4. when someone is viewing the information they get an option to translate or download the pdf

    maybe that'll do it for you?
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