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    How to set up a website using a VPS

    I m tired with Shared Hosting so i bought one vps but i haven't any knowledge how to run site through vps and how to change nameserver blah blah

    I Have Window VPS

    Can any one help me step by step for setting up site through window vps

    I hope some one hv idea how to do



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    It's pretty easy, what version of windows do you have?

    Basically you use something called IIS, there is a web root folder where all of the files are stored, you put the website files in there and configure the website through the IIS console. You'll find IIS in administrative tools after you've set the web server role on the server.

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    what kind of site are you looking to host? What code, etc? Perhaps a little research will help also.
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    Are you running Plesk/VPP?

    You'll need to go to your registrar and change the DNS there to point to your new servers. If you have your own DNS (ex: you'll have to add your IP to point to that DNS there also.

    Other then that I would search (google) IIS and VPS guides you'll find them. Here are two to start you off:

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    i bought a vps from one company in which

    window xp is installed and they give me one ip address and i m login to vps through remote desktop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akhil321 View Post
    I Have Window VPS

    Can any one help me step by step for setting up site through window vps
    It's the same as on a dedicated server.

    Apache have a document for it:

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    It might be easier for you to run :

    Also you do not want to be running your websites on Windows XP.
    Consider getting Windows 2003 web/std with a control planel such as plesk.

    If there's not particular reason you need windows, just use centos with cpanel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by H1DE View Post
    He's on windows, so autonpm won't work for him.
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    I m noob in these things haven't tried these at all

    Registrar = Means from where i bough domain ? or something else

    ex : ? or something else

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