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    * Quad Core, 8GB RAM, SAS Drives - Different configs - Start @ $159/mo!

    NYNOC Inc. has the following specials for you WHT members. This is first come, first serve here so act now!

    Quad Core Xeon 5405
    8GB RAM
    2x147GB SAS Drives
    3,000GB Transfer
    5 IP's

    Dual Core Dual Xeon 5130
    8GB RAM
    2x320GB SATA
    3,000GB Transfer
    5 IP's

    Dual Quad Core E5405
    8GB RAM
    2x36GB Raptor Drives
    2x150GB Raptor Drives
    RAID Available ($40/mo extra)

    If you are interested in any of these servers, please email sales{@} today to place your order.

    Our website:

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    Dear Salsero et al.,

    Wanted to share my experience with

    10/30/2009 = Signed up and issue payment for a new dedicated Server
    11/3/2009 = Was wondering status so I opened support ticket
    11/5/2009 = If took 2 days, but I finally got an update as follows:

    "The server will be online this weekend. We had some serious delays with our vendor not being able to get us our hardware in time."

    11/16/2009 = I got busy with work and other things, so I didn't have a chance to follow up until 1 1/2 weeks later and STILL NO UPDATE FROM thenynoc and on top of that, my support ticket was closed. So I reopened the support ticket asking for a status.

    11/16/2009 = I got an response (the same day, can you believe it ?!?!). The response was as follows, "Sorry about the delay once more. It should be online today around 4pm EST."

    11/18/2009 = It's been two days and I never heard back, so I asked for a status via the support ticket.

    It has since been two more days and no response.

    They do NOT have a phone number on their website, so I had to google it to come up with the following phone number: 1-866-NYNOC80. I called multiple time and NO ONE EVER ANSWERS, it just goes to a voice mail prompt.

    Was wondering if everyone gets this kind of crap service, or if I'm just the lucky one. Has the economy forced these guys to become part-timers in the hosting business. If not, I'm not quite sure how a new customer is told the server should be online the weekend of 11/7 - 11/8 and then only get 1 follow in the next 2 weeks and the server is still not online... makes me scratch my head...

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    Here is an update on my experience with the

    11/21/2009 = It's been 5 days with (as well as an open support ticket) and I never heard back as to the status of my dedicated server I ordered on 10/30, was told it would be online the weekend 11/7, then was promised it would be online on 11/16;

    Therefore, I as forced to ask for a status and threaten a chargeback from my credit card company if I wasn't delivered a dedicated server.

    Well, my invoice was refunded without an apology or explanation (although, I'm still waiting for the refund to hit my credit card).

    BOTTOM LINE -- STAY FAR AWAY FROM I could understand if they were backordered or some other issue. However, to provide broken promises without even an explanation, or even a phone number to speak with someone for a status is just plain unacceptable.

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