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    Best paid ad network for parked domains


    I have 5-10 norwegian domains that I want to lay out for sale and advertise on the net.

    What´s the best advertising company that pays the best for these types of "posters" / domain sale websites...?

    I know SEDO, but I also see that Google Adsense has a program like this now.

    Any experience and thoughts on what´s the best...???

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    I trust Google for accurate accounting, payouts, and no surprises.

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    I used sedo and namedrive but Google is the best.

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    sedo Is the largest park on the Internet but these guys have a lot of formalities for users to address to. Is now a Google PR 6
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    Undoubtedly Google Adsense for domain is the best for your needs whatever domains you have.

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    I use Google Adsense too.

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    <deleted for misreading>

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    I have experience only with Namedrive only. I met someone form their company at the last year's European hosting conference and I was curious to test their services, just to find out how do they work. They were fine, but I do not like the concept of parked domains in general. It is much better to have a fully functional website. It brings higher income.
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