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    Tired of dealing slow with BurstNet

    My story is as follows

    i had order vps offer

    and send copy from ID photo , Credit card photo front ad back

    and Credit card form

    but biling in BurstNet say that my credit card incorrect

    However, I'm sure it's Me 100% correct because I always Book

    But no problem >>

    i will pay by Bank Transfer

    so i send there again to delete all my copies from ID and Credit card and credit card form
    But not life to those who advocate

    3 days right now and they say to me your credit card failed

    ok i know so you can delete all my copies but its continue say to me your credit card failed

    }}}}} sir i knoooooooooooooooow i will pay by bank transfer

    so plz clear all my copies

    so what i can do to understand me

    >>>>BurstNet i really wanna order vps server can you make deal with client fast or what |??

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    Something else

    i had orderd vps in 31/10/2009

    ]]]]] and i orderd new vps

    and make cancelltion request for that old vps but after that i see that order still in My Invoices

    why ?????

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    Hi every one

    all things now its Okay

    Im sorry for that ^^

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