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    24 hour server administration

    I work for a small company that has some websites that are currently overseen by a single server administrator. The problem with that, of course, is that there are times that he simply is not available, and that has really burned us a few times. We'd really like to have a company overseeing the servers, who will do all aspects of server management (security upgrades, software upgrades, installations, etc.) We don't want some place when we go to them and say "We need PHP upgraded to XXX," to have them say in return, "Here's where you can download and install it yourself." We're not server people; we need someone to do that stuff for us AND be available 24/7.

    Budget is not much of an issue. Recommendations?

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    Thats a whole list.

    Probably you must try the review sections as well
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    What OS are you running across your infrastructure? Linux... Windows... both? Do they have any control panels installed at the server level? Based on this we can recommend you a provider.

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    it`s better to find a company in your location .

    there is a List of companies that provide tech support

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    This is a common issue and while having a person "on staff" to handle these, it may not always be possible. I would recommend Tranquil Hosting. They have facilities in Raleigh, and Dallas, TX. Maybe they will be able to help you.
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    We're on joyent accelerators -- it's some flavor of Linux, but I don't know which. We are using several accelerators for our most important site.

    it`s better to find a company in your location .
    Yes, I agree. A lot of the companies on that list are in India (that definitely wouldn't fly with my boss) or overseas, or look like hastily cobbled together pages. We want a professional place, somewhere local, that knows what they're doing, and will give us 5-star service.

    Our server is in the Bay Area.

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    If it is just Linux flavours, you might want to look at They are based in the US with multiple locations (Indiana, Chicago and Ohio I believe). Or you can look at located in India with offices in Phoenix and Germany.

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    Also check the URL for the list of the companies below providing server management,
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    If you can not find anyone here I would suggest you to search in any freelance marketplaces. I have spend some time searching for some websites like these and found some quality ones in the first SERP in Google, Alta Vista and Bing. I would not post any of them because I do not have personal experience with any of those, but I suggest you to review them.
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    Referring to the wiki page will help you to find more companies.
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    Technical Articles

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    I guess you should put your requirements in Systems Management Offer and Request.
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    The best solution is to hire a 24x7 Server Management company rather than freelance or 8x5 server administrators.

    Your issue is very common. There will be no issues or work whenever the server admin is online. Most of the problem will occur when the admin is offline.
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