Razor Servers introduces the most complete hosting package available on the market today.

WHM/Cpanel - FREE!
Domain Name - FREE!
Merchant Processing Account*
1 GB RAM - Expandable to 2 GB
40 GB Storage Space - Expandable to 80 GB
2000 GB Bandwidth
Customer Portal for controlling every aspect of your account
Regular Price - $99.95 per month

SPECIAL PRICING - $49.95 PER MONTH FOR THE LIFE OF THE ACCOUNT. Just use this link to purchase. No tricks, no gimmicks, no special coupon codes.


Your server will be on our newest Dual Processor, Quad Core Xeon hardware with 16 GB of RAM and RAID Storage. All of this is connected to our Gigabit backbone with bandwidth supplied from Level 3 and Global Crossing (adding additional peering in early 2010 to NYC and Ashburn, VA).

We've had 100% Network Uptime since our inception almost five years ago. Tired of overpaying for your hosting and downtime from other hosts? Move over to Razor, we're always up.

*Merchant Processing Account requires application approval.



VPS Advanced
20 GB Storage
500 GB Bandwidth
512 MB Guaranteed RAM
768 GB Burstable RAM
Windows or Linux Operating System
1 IP

VPS Extreme
40 GB Storage
750 GB Bandwidth
1 GB Guaranteed RAM
1.2 GB Burstable RAM
Windows or Linux Operating System
1 IP


IP to test:

Information regarding our network and infrastructure can be found here http://www.razorservers.com/about-us/

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If you have any questions regarding these specials of any of our services listed on our website just reply to this thread or email us at [email protected]