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    FTP Account Permissions - No Rights

    Hello, I own a dedicated server and have installed plesk on it. With the domain, plesk creates an FTP account to use for that domain. When you use that user/pass it only allows access to the

    directory, which is fine.

    Now the problem is that the account has very limited permissions. It didn't let me write to any of the folders unless I chmodded them to '777', and now doesn't let me overwrite any files unless I login as root and chmod the individual files to '777'. How can I set this accounts permissions to allow full writing, and reading for everything it has access to? I don't want everything to have full permissions for obvious reasons. Thanks

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    You can change the ownership of the folder /var/www/vhosts/mydomain recursively to the user ownership associated with the account.

    This would also depend on how Plesk works. cPanel associates a user with an account and /home/user is user.user ownership.
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    Alright I got it working. I had to change the file owner. I thought the owner was already that other account but apparently not. I used this command

    chown -R username httpdocs/
    I then went back and chmoded everything back to 755. And now that account can do everything I want it to.


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    Glad to know you got it working.
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