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    Any good sites to check for black listed domains?

    I wanted to know if there is a good place to check if the domains were blacklisted by search engines.
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    I don't know of any such lists and, for legal reasons, I doubt search engines would make such information available.

    There are some lists available for e-mail spammers (e.g., like here). When an e-mail spammer sends to "trap" e-mail addresses or they get flagged by users, they sometimes get automatically added to such lists. Yahoo and Google probably maintain their own private list of e-mail spammers that they may match to web domains.

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    I use 'site:' search in Google for this purpose. If it is blocked by Google, it would disappear from Google index.

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    there's always lists of known 'malware' domains, like:

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    You can check the IP using the following URL given below,
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