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    Sidekick/danger data loss-more info

    I'll be honest..I am normally the last to know about these things..but..while searching for something else..I found this very interesting article:

    This seems to be a post by someone who is privy to a heck of a lot of insider info..and it does indeed make for a interesting read.

    I am also watching closely the Windows 7 launch to see if Microsoft truly can learn from it's mistakes.

    This article is chock full of tidbits for non-database experts to google and learn more about this.
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    Yeah you are the last to know.
    That is over and done with, they managed to recover all but about 5% of the data.
    It is all up and ticking now.
    The sidekick was always aimed at and made for the teenage market.
    They have unlimited text, IM and internet though the browser on the thing is horrible.
    My daughter has one all is well now the servers are working again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Techark View Post
    They have unlimited text, IM and internet though the browser on the thing is horrible.
    Lol, yes, as a past T-Mobile Sidekick user... I will vouch for the fact that its web browser is pretty bad.

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