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    First of all i let you know that am newbie to dedicated servers

    From Last 15 Days am facing a strange problem with my server, whenever am trying to post anything in my wordpress blog, at that time i got this error database error, and server load goes high. And most of the time my site is down due to server load.

    My System Admin told me that there are lots of Apache errors and Exim Errors. But they can,t help me regarding this coz that was not a managed server.

    So after that i opened a thread here regarding Apache Errors and some of the Best Members help me to solve this Error, but as i told you above am the newbies so this one is a difficult task for me.

    So one of the forum Members [ whrss ] told me to hire some expert to do this. Thanks to whrss.

    After so much research i found the name hosting_we3cares . After reading so much good reviews regarding, i sent a PM to the hosting_we3cares . within a 15 min i get the reply. Thats impressive.

    I told them about all of my problems, After our discussion finally i hired them. They told me that they will take Max 2 hours to solve this. Thats fantastic. Am try to solve this problem from last 15 days.

    Within 30 min James (hosting_we3cares) had appointed a Tech guy for me to all this Work. After all the work now my server is fine and it was running so smoothly for me.

    The best thing about there work they updated all the Things that i don,t know. And secure my server too. Thanks So Much James and Krish for all this.

    They were upto the task, and they completed it within no time and for a minimal fee. Overall their support is top notch and they know exactly what they are doing , i will give them 10/10.

    Now the server load is

    Server Load 0.68 (2 cpus)
    Memory Used 37.4 %

    Thanks, James and Krish.
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    Thanks for the review and glad to hear they were able to sort out those issues.

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    Awesome Review

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlshosting View Post
    Awesome Review
    Yes, it sure is. Grats!

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    It's always good to see a nice review, that means that somebody, somewhere is doing right. Congrats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlshosting View Post
    Awesome Review

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    Always great to read the positive review. Thanks for sharing with all the community.
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    Right behind you.
    Thanks for your words Rajesh. It was a pleasure to work with you.
    Seven years in server management!!.
    Performance exceeds expectation.

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    Glad to read your positive experience. Thanks for sharing your nice review.
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