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    Talking v3.3 -Start your own email service like GMail

    SocketMail is a powerful, scalable and fully customisable e-mail solution (PHP/Linux). Ideal messaging solution for sizes web site and enterprises. This is surely a value for money!

    Start your own email service like Gmail, Yahoo, and others. Offer free or paid email service - your choice. State of the art features like File Sharing, and ajax-oriented design with fancy colours and style - suitable for all age groups and genders! Full source code gives you the ability to customize the design, feel and working to fit your community!

    With 16 freely included Theme/Skins, Socketmail gives your customer the feel that they want and like to see. You can even access your email using your PDA using POP3 & SMTP. You can also use your iPhone or Pocket PC to access your email anytime (Webmail).

    Account setup within 12-24 hours guaranteed!

    Over 15 update-releases this year (2009)!


    Which SocketMail product is suitable for you?

    Socketmail Lite 3.3 (Retail:200$)

    + Unlimited users
    + Unlimited multi-domain aliasing
    + Runs on shared hosting server
    + 16 Aqua Skins
    + Suitable for website owner
    + Require catch-all account
    + Support online payment processor
    + Support integration with Exim/Qmail/Sendmail/Postfix
    + Implements perl POP3/Outgoing-SMTP daemon
    + Earn from Advertising & From selling customer packages
    + Fully Brandable Solutions


    (Redirects to Official Site)

    Socketmail Pro 3.3 (Retail: 350$)

    + Unlimited users
    + Unlimited multi-domain hosting
    + Require dedicated server
    + Also runs on VDS/VPS
    +16 Aqua Skins
    + Suitable for serious e-mail provider
    + Allow users / clients to host their own email service under your brand
    + Support online payment processor
    + Integration with Exim/Qmail/Sendmail/Postfix
    + Implements POP3/Outgoing-SMTP daemon or via xinetd service
    + Perfect for companies who wants their customers with a webmail service and allow them to create accounts.
    + Perfect for companies who want to be an ISP and "sell" their email service to others by creating sub-admin panels.


    Some Active Clients:

    24x7 Telephone Sales/Support

    We are one of the few companies around that offer 24x7 Telephone support!

    +91 972 345 0000



    [email protected]
    [email protected]


    Version 3.3 (Pro & Lite: October 10, 2009)

    Bug Fixes:

    + Fixed trash / recycle bin not deleting emails.
    + Fixed White Page Error.
    + Fixed Minor issues with Polls & Cookies.

    + Mod_Security should NOT be enabled on your server. It results in white page issues (such as logout redirect and drafts being unable to save). Remove Mod_Security.

    + Due to incompatibilities, we have removed the remote add user script from Socketmail. This might be re-added in a future release.

    Version 3.2 (Pro & Lite: August 4, 2009)


    + Update tag-line system for outgoing emails with text ad support. Now integrated with the new SM 3.0+ editor.
    + New webmaster & provider password reset procedures.
    + New attachment saving and downloading sub-routine.

    Version 3.1 (Pro & Lite: July 10, 2009)

    + Block sender now deletes email and also adds to the black-list.
    Bug Fixes:
    + Fixed compose error message due to missing files.
    + Important missing files in daemon & system-files re-added.
    + Removed useless files from system-files that were meant for testing.
    + E-Mails between users of same domain now deliver using SMTP. (Lite)
    + Issue with creating new skins. (Pro)

    Version 3.0 Gold (Lite: June 28, 2009, Pro: July 4, 2009)

    New Features:
    + 16 Themes to choose from. 7 Aqua colour themes. 9 Premium Themes are now included free.
    + New external pop3 fetchmail system.
    + Moving emails between folders without refreshing the pages.
    + Deleting emails are instant without refreshing the pages.
    + The menu icon links now load as a fx container routine. The menu icons are transparent so they can work and load on all skins.
    + Tools folder is updated with new way to add remote users.
    + Buttons used in skins on Compose page as well as other pages have been changed to look better and sleeker.
    + New delete/block buttons for skins.
    + Skin list renamed from Aqua1,2,3,4,5 to original skin names.
    + Layout of Options page/s hae been updated.
    + Updated all files with the date >= 11.5.2009 (or later)

    + Trash folder could not delete properly. This is repaired.
    + Domain ID records in the Mysql table 'domains'.
    + Repeat colours in the skins.
    + Skin layout changes and optimization of images to load faster.
    + Broken and missing images on Calendar & addressbook page.
    + A missing doctype (first line in source of a standard webpage) was throwing IE6-8 into quirks mode. Development tool of IE8 was used to diagnose the problem.

    Version 2.9 (Lite: June 7, 2009)
    + Fixed routine for creating mydocument folders

    Version 2.8 Lite (All: May 12 2009)
    + Fixed Broken Images in Calendar & Read Mail (bottom section)
    + Fixed Mail Layout breaking in case of emails where width is broken by content/email coding,
    + Fixed missing files in the 2.7 full source.
    + Major Security Precaution by adding index files in all important folders and subfolders.
    + Upgrade and Installation Instructions in Readme are now updated with additional security steps.
    + Fixed problem of saving emails to desktop (Save .Eml option) while reading mail.
    - Saved .Eml option does not work properly in IE8 (Will be revised later)

    Version 2.7 Lite & Pro (All: May 03 2009)
    + Fixed Mail Time Date Issues in mails that are retrieved.
    + Fixed broken images in the 'readmail'
    + Optimization of coding

    Version 2.6 Lite & Pro (All: April 22 2009)
    + Now supports access through Apple iPhone
    + Fixed Signup Package issue (redirecting for Paypal subscription)
    + Fixed Folder Creation issue
    + Fixed insecure coding and files that would let the site be exploited
    + Optimized coding

    Version 2.5 Lite & Pro (All: March 20 2009)

    =>Starting from 2.5 only Aqua themeset be supported. Other skins have been removed and not supported from 2.5 Final. Starting 2.6 a new theme set will be added.

    +Sign up page, now shows whether a userid is available or not.
    +New email recipient composer (re-sizable to:,cc:,bcc
    +New Attachment and Add Recepient module ensures you dont need to
    change your page or lose your data for attaching or adding contacts from
    your addressbook due to earlier page refresh's or page changes.
    + New Compose Editor system with three text modes fully inter-changable without losing content or page refresh. The modes are Simple, Lite and Full.
    + All outbound emails can be now spell checked in multiple languages!
    + First Web Based Email System to provide users a more advanced way to send
    emails using multiple graphical environments. With some coding knowledge you
    can add more fonts and styles and smilies to your own system!
    + Fixed issues with IE7 and IE8 that include warning errors on the bottom
    left corner of the web page. Most or all reportable browser errors have been removed.
    + Removed a lot of extra coding that was resulting in slow downs.
    + Aqua template has been revised to load much faster using optimized images with much better coding. This prevents the server from creating multiple connections that would possibly cause server loads and higher cpu utilization.
    + Stability fixes and coding revisions have been included.

    Version 2.5RC2 (Lite: 25th February / Pro: 20th February)

    * Updated Version Socketmail 2.5RC2**(Footer)
    * Fresh3 & Aqua Skin Updates
    * Skin Optimizations
    * Bug Fixes since 2.3
    * New HTML/Lite/Plain Editor (Supports Chrome/Safari Browser)
    - Includes over 50 new features
    - Full Screen & Normal Screen Compose Resolutions
    - Drag and Drop Screen size
    - New ways to compose emails with tons of options
    - Default set to the Lite
    * Supports latest FF, IE7, IE 8 RC1, Safari, Chrome
    * Inbox & folders not showing emails fixed for all supported browsers.
    * Better sending and receiving of emails.
    * Introduction of new js subroutines & coding fixtures
    * Support for piping fetchmail in CPANEL/WHM X3 Skin
    ** Fixed footer to 2.5RC2 in the build for Lite released 25th February, 2009. No other update was included in the package from the last Lite release on the 16th Februrary, 2009.


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    When are you going to fix the external registration for this script?

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    External signing up outside the main software from other web-base scripts is no longer going to be developed. We are focusing on the core software, and the earlier add on tool which was offered (in the tools folder) is now phased out. If you would like to use a registration script that inputs entries from a source other than socketmail's own registration page - you can develop your own.

    As mentioned in an email a while ago, socketmail comes with its own signup page for your free users. If you wish to integrate it with your own script or forum or other, you should develop your own external registration script. Since our new updates, breaks functionality of the old external script and will continue to do so - we will not be updating the add-on tool.

    I would suggest in the case of you wanting to externally add users, - create your own or hire a developer to modify socketmail to your own usage. That being said, our core functionality remains the same - with users being able to signup for a free or paid email id from the existing web - based as well as admin controlled interface.

    The external registration outside our own core socketmail, must be done through your own programmers or coding knowledge.

    Best Regards,

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    In your Emails you said you would fix external entry in November, well its November. Now you're saying you're not doing it anymore.

    Also I find the script loads extremely slow despite having a tweaked VPS with more memory that is more than enough to handle the load. Anyone else using this software hav that problem?

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    We said it is not important and that it would be looked at. We have decided against updating an addon tool.

    We have a lot of clients running SM Pro with just about 512MB Ram ( + CPanel/WHM).

    If you are running SM lite make sure fetchmail (incoming email delivery) is NOT set to manual method.

    IF you are running SM Lite with it set to NOT manual, and/or are using SM Pro 3.3 with similar issues, ensure you donot have mod_security and suPHP running. I dont think there should be any issues in speed/accessing webmail. If you wish I could happily point out clients running SM 3.0+ with extremely quick access page loads.

    Sounds like an issue at your end.

    If you have any other support issues, please direct them to our email id.

    Best Regards,

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    Rather than you pointing me to clients it will be nice for others here who have used this software can give their input.

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    This is to announce, and thank one of our socketmail members who has helped find and patch a bug/issue that prevented blocking or reserving users account ids. We will be releasing a patch/update in the next 48 hours. Thanks so much to the team at ! & matrixmails ! for helping spot this issue.

    Users/clients can expect an update soon!

    Last edited by RDOSTI; 11-05-2009 at 04:20 PM.

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    While you're at it fix the external tool that you provided with the software so people can register from other sites. Whether advertised on your opening page or not the file was provided with the purchase and should be fixed as it was a key interest in the use of the product.

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    Announcing the launch of Socketmail 3.4

    (Bug Fix Version Only)

    -> Fixed the Reserve User Login


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