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    Reverse DN for DNS Server IP


    I was issued two IPs for my DNS server.My DNS server is up but when a domain is using the new dns server.I did a dns check and was told there is no reverse dns.Can I do it myself by setting on the DNS server or I need to get my ISP who provide me the IP to do it set the reverse dns?


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    You should probably ask your ISP that - if you can't spot any where within their control panels to set this up, you will most likely need to request that they set this up for you.

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    You need to ask your host to setup a reverse DNS which is step one in ensuring emails sent by you are verified as your own server (though not the last step). After you take care of this, be sure to look into other things such as SPF, Domainkeys, etc in order to keep yourself safe on the spam list counter.

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