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    Recommendation Request - Security Audit on My Servers

    I'm looking for any recommendations from folks for someone that does one time security reviews and recommendation on what should be done to the server to prevent hacking. I had a personal website server hacked once and I worry that my two business servers are at risk.

    The servers run IRC bots (eggdrops, xdcc's, perl) on Debian 4 and Debian 5 (2 servers), with lighttpd service. I was going to sign up with PSM, but they don't work with IRC.. but.. the business is small and just starting out; one man job barely even clearing the server expenses at this time, so I can't afford 500 bucks for a server review..

    Anyone have experienced recommendations that they could provide?

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    Are these shellservers that you use to resell IRC related things or is this personal use?

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    Resell shell access (not personal use)

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    You may want to look in the offer sections. There are areas where you can request this type os services? or look for people who can assist you in this.

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    I did look in the offers.... but looking for recommendations based from experience.

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    Moved > Managed Hosting and Services.

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