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    Files hosting

    Hi everybody,

    First of all I should say sorry for my English, it's not good but I hope you can understand it.

    I have a downloads site where most of the content are .zip and .rar files. I use about 300GB/month of bandwith, and it's growing a lot so I decided to move the files to a file-based hosting.

    So, I'm looking for a service like Rapidshare, Megaupload... in their premium accounts. I need:

    About 300GB of monthly bandwith or more.
    About 5GB of hard disk space.

    The main purpose is to share files, so I don't need any database, php support or any other thing... just file sharing.

    I want to spend about 100€/120$ on it every year.

    I was thinking on an "unlimited" hosting as HostGator, but the ToS of must of them says it's not allowed to use it as a file sharing account.

    Best regards,


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    Theres no way you're going to get a 300GB BW package for $10 a month, I know a lot of hosting companies advertise it but you would be barred/disconnected pretty quickly! Unless you go for a VPS or something.

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    RH-Scott, the main problem I have with the VPS is that I pay for having php and other languages support, DB support, e-mail accounts support, multidomain/subdomain support... and I only want a file sharing system, that should be a lot more cheaper than a complete VPS.

    I heard about the "web disks", it seems it's a hosting service that only offers sharing.

    I also heard about "casual" options like Opera Unite for file sharing but I don't understand how do they work, and I guess they are really slow if they depend of my internet connection.

    It'd be great a Rapidshare premium account but they offer too less bandwith for me ;-)

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    300GB/month of bandwith?

    You need at least VPS for this, and DS better

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    Well, the website itself has about 70/100GB of bandwith monthly. So as I said, moving the files to a file server would be cheaper than move all the packet (the site plus the files) in a VPS.

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    Have you looked at the Amazon Storage Service?

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    I think you mean that one:

    I never heard about it. Is it reliable? Is it possible to generate links of the files for sharing? Is it necessary any program to download the files?


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    Quote Originally Posted by PAUSIMS View Post
    I think you mean that one:

    I never heard about it. Is it reliable? Is it possible to generate links of the files for sharing? Is it necessary any program to download the files?

    Amazon would be an expensive option for you. I'd say a VPS would be better suited.

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    File sharing is heavy task for the CPU even if you do not need much space. I'd recommend you avoid shared web hosting and search for the dedicated server or at least VPS for that

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    So why arent you just using Rapidshare, or Megashares etc...? That would be my question

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    There are affordable packages offered on vps hosting plans with some hosts. Try checking the offer forum and if you could add a bit on your budget, you'll have better benefits. =)

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    OK, I thought Amazon S3's prices were every year but they were monthly so it's really too expensive for me. I'll try to find a VPS for that.

    I'm not using Rapidshare or Megaupload because their premium accounts don't offer the bandwith I need, and free accounts have big limitations.

    I'll try to find a good VPS in the offer forum ;-)

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    you need only 5GB space for fileshare like site ?
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    i think he wants to host rapidleech or rapidshot script

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    I only need 5GB because the files are not specially heavy (about 3-4MB each one), but they are highly downloaded.

    I don't know what's rapidleech or rapidshot, I only want a good option to share files apart of my site's hosting

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