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Thread: Adaptec 1430SA

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    Adaptec 1430SA

    Has anyone used this card?

    If so, is it a decent card? Perform OK?

    I know absolutely nothing about RAID cards.. trying to learn some here. I know 3ware cards have a command line, does this card? What about other adaptecs?

    Thanks in advance for the insight.

    //EDIT What about BBU's?

    //EDIT2 This won't be the last RAID card thread, I feel a few more coming on soon..
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    iirc thats a Adaptec "HostRAID" card, in otherwords it's software based rather than hardware RAID.

    For real hardware RAID you need something like an Adaptec 2405.

    The 1430 may be OK under windows, but real hardware raid is always better.

    Adaptec cards have a CLI interface called Storman, which is a little more complicated to use than 3Wares tw_cli but is a bit more comprehensive

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    Agreed. Spend the extra money to get a real RAID card. Depending on your read/writes would determine how much RAM would be recommended. If you don't anticipate very much activity, software RAID would be suitable as it's better than no RAID at all.

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