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    How to setup SAN?

    Can somebody guide me on how to setup SAN either on Windows or Linux?
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    Are you building your own SAN or are you using a pre-configured one from a vendor?
    If you are using one from a vendor, they probably have instructions.

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    In Linux, the two most common SAN-type protocols you can use is iSCSI and AoE.

    Just install either in your whatever Linux distro and configure it like normal. For example, you can probably follow the guide below to configure iSCSI

    Gentoo iSCSI wiki
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    If you are just wanting to do a fileserver I would say look into iSCSI. There are also some linux distros out there that are built for making a NAS, such as openfiler.

    That all being said if you want a TRUE SAN you are going to need to spend some serious cash.
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