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    Multiple Servers and 2 name severs

    Is it possible to combine multiple servers via "Configure Cluster"? Will the hosting domains use same ns1.mydomain and if one server is located in UK and second is in USA Datacenter. Can somebody provide me information with explanation? I would be happy to hear your kind responses.


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    Yes, it is possible to setup a DNS cluster between a UK and a US server. Configure ns1 on one server and ns2 on a second server, these will only host name servers. The servers other than these two will host websites and their DNS zone files will be created on the two DNS servers.

    You need to enable Clustering on each server that you want to cluster to. Refer the cPanel docs at:

    Make sure all the domains you are going to host on your webservers should use your ns1 and ns2 at their registrar end.
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    Thanks for your kind reply. If servers are more than two? like 6 then?

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    Certainly, you can have large clusters of nameservers.

    Have you checked the cPanel docs, they describe a lot:

    You can configure many servers into the cluster just keep in mind that if there are problems that means equally number of servers may have DNS problems.
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