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Thread: Use of Tags

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    Use of Tags

    I want to know tags specified in blogs are being considered by Google or not.

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    Are u talking about meta tags? if so then Google not considering it

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    if that is a tags cloud, they are being considered by Google

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    I pay attention to using tags in blogs because I think it helps in indexes pages faster and easier. I think having them is good practice, whether search engines take note of them or not.

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    The tags are like keywords, from the view point of search engine.

    *They are is useful to group content by category and keyword.
    *Tags are recognized by search engines and tag services tag services crawlers as tags and they are treated like keywords.
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    Tags are really considered by search engines but it is less weight then links inside paragraphs, IMO.
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    I have read somewhere that Meta Tags are not considered by Google and they are not important. But even so it wont hurt your page to have those tags. Who knows when Google will eventually decide again to use them. Then you will have a heck of a time placing them.

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    Your tags in posts and tag clouds are important to help your readers find useful content. It's not just about getting ranked. After all, SEO really matters in search results, but your tags are actually more important to your readers to lead them to other relevant content within your site. The more we serve readers, the better we do as marketers!

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    Tags not only help you organize large quantities of content, but they help define your site as a whole.

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    Which Meta Tags are you talking about specifically, Keywords, Description, Title?

    The reason I ask is that Google only says that they no longer look at "Keyword" Meta Tags as per Matt Cutts.
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    They are considered because tags are as good as keywords of an article. Tags also help increase your page rankings and SERP.
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    I think Google pays some attention to these tags, and words in tags should be simple, common and accurate, it can embody the features of your blog.

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    Tags are still helpful, just not sure how much exact weight it carries or exact value for your page but still it wouldn't be too much of a hassle adding it..

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    I always had the idea that tags worked in the same way that keywords did. Even if they don't work for search engines, I still use them for site visitors.

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    Just a single keyword relevant to your website meta tags of your website
    can invite the crawler to your website.
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