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    GoDaddy - A brief review (Date of Review: 11/01/2009)

    My domain name and my web hosting package that I had with GoDaddy came up for renewal on Friday (two days ago), and my intention was to transition to a new domain registrar and web host. The new web host that I chose to go with is HawkHost, but they are not the subject of this particular review. Rather, GoDaddy, the web host that I am leaving, is. I will save my comments for HawkHost for a separate review dedicated to my experiences with them.

    I had not really intended on writing a review for GoDaddy, but my experience with their tech support, tonight, prompted me to write a brief review.

    As I sit here at my computer late into the wee morning hours of Sunday morning, right now, I find that there's a lot of irony, when it comes to obtaining or departing web hosts.

    Off the top of my head, I don't know exactly how long that I have had this particular web host account with GoDaddy. It's been at least two full years or more, I know. I have statements handy in front of me for the last years, so it's been at least two full years. One statement is dated August of 2007.

    Anyway, during my time with GoDaddy as a webhost, I have not really experienced a lot of downtime. There may have been some, but I never really tracked it closely, and the site was pretty much up and running and accessible over that entire period of time, whenever I would try to load it in my web browser.

    During that time, I've never had to deal with any rude tech support from GoDaddy. At times, tech support at GoDaddy was more helpful than at other times, but I didn't really need to call them a whole lot during that time frame of 2+ years.

    Even though I am leaving GoDaddy as a webhost, my experience with some tech support guy named Austin that was the last person that I spoke to earlier this morning ended with me choosing to extend my web hosting for another month for $4.99. I post this simply to illustrate how good tech support can benefit a web hosting company, even when a paying customer of some time is already in the process of switching paid web hosting to another web hosting company - switching to the competition, so to speak.

    So, why am I switching web hosts, if I have numerous positive things that I can honestly and sincerely convey about GoDaddy as a webhost unto those who read the forums here on WebHostingTalk?

    Being on a slow dial-up Internet connection (24K to 26.4K, on average), GoDaddy's webhost control panel is the equivalent of Internet Hell. I hate it. I despise it. I absolutely and positively abhor it with a passion that knows no end. I, with my slow dial-up Internet connection, have endured this burden of incalculable magnitude for 2+ years, and I have simply had enough. This is an example of how otherwise good and reliable web hosting service and tech support is undermined by interface issues. It's not an issue, if I am at my sister's place, where she has a DSL Internet connection. But, it is a very real issue to me at home on my slow dial-up Internet connection. I have dealt with numerous web hosts' respective web host control panels over the last several years, and no other web host that I have interacted with, where their control panels are concerned, come anywhere even remotely close to the abyss of despair that trying to do even simple tasks are in GoDaddy's control panel. 'O, woe is me, when I have to use their control panel, at all.

    That said and highlighted, I would like to take a moment out to give GoDaddy two big thumbs up for not rushing to delete all of my site's files, the moment that my web hosting with them expired. If GoDaddy had deleted them, already, then I would not have extended my web hosting with them for another month, here two days later. This, I think, illustrates well how GoDaddy did not slice its own throat by extending the courtesy to myself, a paying customer that was departing for a new web host, by being in a rush to delete the customer's files. Granted, it's not something that GoDaddy had to do, but likewise, neither did I have to extend my web hosting for another month. This type of business approach on GoDaddy's part is conducive to reducing problems, and ultimately yields a more positive image of the company, compared to numerous web hosting horror stories that I have read about in web hosting forums over the years.

    I did, however, choose to renew my domain name registration with GoDaddy two days ago, just to ensure that my domain name would not lapse. I've been through that headache, before, and it didn't really matter to me who my domain name was registered with. This aspect was a non-issue.

    So, in conclusion, my overall experience with GoDaddy as a web host was positive, but their control panel was - and has always been - a very glaring negative for me. If you have broadband Internet access, their control panel likely won't even be an issue for you. If you have a slow dial-up connection like me, however, then I would not recommend going with GoDaddy as a web host, although I think that if you do, anyway, then you will be likely to enjoy a reliable degree of site uptime, overall - if my own first-hand experience over the past 2+ years is any indication.
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    Longest review i ever seen!
    GoDaddy website is kinda slow...

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    Well, have you ever considered switching from a dial up connection to a dsl? At least that would lessen your troubles.. =)

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    Great Review

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    Quote Originally Posted by akirah View Post
    Well, have you ever considered switching from a dial up connection to a dsl? At least that would lessen your troubles.. =)
    Why does everyone assume that DSL or Cable is available everywhere? Perhaps the OP is in a rural area where it's not yet available.
    There are still vast areas in my state where NO broadband is available, and that even includes some well developed areas.
    Also, if in fact the OP does have it available, the cost may be prohibitive.

    A generation which ignores history has no past and no future. --Lazarus Long

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    Quote Originally Posted by akirah View Post
    Well, have you ever considered switching from a dial up connection to a dsl? At least that would lessen your troubles.. =)
    Yes, I have. Many times, in fact. Even very recently, in fact.

    Except, both cable Internet and DSL access stop about a half mile or so from where I live.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mczy View Post
    Longest review i ever seen!
    GoDaddy website is kinda slow...
    Just as a point of clarification for the benefit of those who happen to read this thread, my experience was that GoDaddy's web host control panel was exceedingly slow, whereas my web site hosted by them loaded just fine on my end.

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    Very well written and detailed review! I don't understand why Godaddy does not address the interface issues with its website, ordering process, and hosting control panel. That's the first kind of service/process any customer interacts with, and if it is poor, complex or confusing, it's not going to help with how people perceive the company.

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