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    Best Dedicated Server for MYSQL

    Hello everybody,
    I've a huge site that runs on PHP and MYSQL, I'm going to get a dedicated server and make it for MYSQL so I need to know what server should I get for MYSQL ?
    does it need to have lots of ram or should I get high CPU ?

    Please advice

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    Generally, for large DB processing scenarios, go for the maximum amount of RAM you can afford, as well as that the server can support - however, bear in mind, operating systems would then require a 64bit version of the OS for RAM above 4GB on the server to make use of it / best efficiency.
    CPU also plays an importance, so it does come down to how much you want to spend on your server at the end of the day.
    HDD - the speak of the Hard Disk Drive would also play some part in this equation (based on opinions), however, it does depend on the actual size of the database, frequency of requests, etc. and also on whether you have your DB & PHP optimised for what you are doing on the server.
    A good two core, dual cpu server or a quad core (or dual quad core) server would be a good starting point ... again, depending on your budget!

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    In my experience I would have to say that RAM and DiskIO are your two biggest concerns. Get a lot of ram and fast disks. Every database server I have put up recently has 32GB of Ram and 15K drives.

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    How big is your database? It's all very well saying "put 32gb of ram in" but if its only got a 4gb database that is a waste of money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RBBOT View Post
    How big is your database? It's all very well saying "put 32gb of ram in" but if its only got a 4gb database that is a waste of money.
    He was just saying what he does personally - that is obviously based off his needs.

    As everyone has said it's RAM (for caching) and fast disks (for IO). One thing that people tend to overlook is the use of caching on the actual application level to prevent a lot of intensive requests from being needed.

    Depending on your scenario you might want to consider looking into something like memcached / apc backend cache for some things. You may find you don't even need a database server yet.
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    You need to be more spesific with your question anyway

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    For database servers we normally suggest:

    1) 64-bit operating system
    2) a lot of memory
    3) fast disks (SCSI or SAS at 10/15k RPM)
    4) a customized my.cnf file to tweak several important settings to improve performance

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    I agree with DedicatedXL, 64 bits is a must these days. You can max out the ram on a 64 bit system as well.

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