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    Where i can get this kind of price on another provider?

    I am pretty much impressed with the price (although not with the setup fee) on santrex But we all know how the service quality of santrex is, so i wonder if i can get this kind of price anywhere else?

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    If you can buy directly from ovh price will be cheaper. But ovh doesn't offer unmetered bandwidth anymore, instead it's 3TB/month, so the information there is wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mydedis View Post
    But ovh doesn't offer unmetered bandwidth anymore, instead it's 3TB/month
    Where did you see that ? Nothing changed here

    ovh is very popular in France, but you shouldn't expect support off business hours and their network is crappy.

    Did you look at ? We manage a bunch of servers there and their network seems rock solid.
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    The problem is they don't get their servers from ovh| but instead from some subsidiary, like for example. Just look at their offers:
    You can't find these servers on

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    I'd be real careful. OVH is horrible for support and their network is ridiculously unstable. Add that to the fact that Santrex support takes 24 hours to answer, AT A MINIMUM.

    You're setting yourself and/or your customers up for a lot of headache.
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