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    Anybody with Nexus Management review there (Boston/New England)?

    I live in New England, Cambridge, Mass. I looked through many colocation offers and companies here in Boston but compared to NY/NJ area, where i have 1/2 colo, prices here are "insane" (hign). Paying 90$ for 1mbps compared to 13-17$ in NY/NJ is too high.
    So i searched for other options here in my area. 1-2-3 hour drive from me and found
    I did try to contact them by email only yet, just to check if they are legit. No reply so far, after 7 days. I emailed 4 times from diff emails.
    Will call them next week or so. I just think i need to give them time to celebrate Halloween and get drunk so they can do their job properly the rest of the year.. ))
    Did anybody hear anything about them? I did try the search box but it gives nothing back. I also tried google but no info about prices so far as well.
    Anybody from Boston there to offer something good?
    Here is what i get in NJ:
    1/2 (23U) rack, power included, 10mbps (95%), IP: 2x C classes + 32 IP. I pay 775$ for that.

    Beforehand thank you.
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    If you are looking for pricing and with something at driving distance, I'd tell you to go to Vern at the SwiftWater Telecom facility in Maine. They are $$15/meg and the colo is absurdely cheaper than NY or Boston.
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    I did try emailing them before (4 months ago) and no reply as well.
    I consider: if there is an email contact on the web page, you are suppose to check and answer emails.
    Just calling doesn't work for me.
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