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    * raid 1 vs two physical drives

    I have number of question relevant to dedi. severs. I dont know to post them seperately or in single thread , sorry to mod for my negligence.

    please answer each

    which is better
    raid 1
    If I have two drives ,and take daily backup on second drive

    how much average small websites can hold a single machine=
    quad xeon 2.3 , 4gb ram, 1 tb drive what you say?

    how many websites you ever hosted on single machine?

    is it wise to host large number of website on single powerful machine with external backup, or go for number of small dedis.
    what you say?

    thanks in advance

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    RAID is not a replacement for a backup scheme. Ideally you would do RAID + backup. The advantage of RAID 1 is going to be that you can lose a disk and still retain all of your data; the disadvantage is that you only get to use 50% of your storage capacity, so if you have two 1 TB disks you'll get 1TB usable. Honestly, though, RAID is worth it. You WILL lose disks eventually . . . so prepare for it!

    As for how many sites you can host, it all depends. If you're just doing shared and all of your clients have small, static websites, maybe 1000. Maybe 25 if your clients have busy, database driven sites, or even fewer . . . you get the picture.

    Regarding your last question, I would say it's better to spread things out, personally. I would never put 1000 clients on one box unless I had a failover scheme in place. But you SHOULD NOT pick and choose between safeguards. Don't think RAID OR backup OR Spread clients out. Think all three at the same time if you want to provide a decent service.

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    with 4GB you cannot host a lot of sites. of course all depends on type of sites but it will swap heavily if there is a need of MySQL and Apache.

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