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    * Parking Nameserver as domain in cpanel - HOW ?

    Hi ,

    Im new to reseller web hosting and just purchased a reseller hosting to provide a value added service for my seo clients . I requested my domain registrar to setup my own nameserver i.e, the site i have registered for reseller web hosting nameserver, lets say it as,

    I got a confirmation from domain registrar support that its been setup in my account. I have checked using my reseller site nameserver for a test site and the site is working fine and also shows my nameserver in whois details.

    now my problem is i wanted to host a site so that new clients can go to my web hosting site i.e; and can purchase my hosting plans through checkout. I tried to park domain in my cpanel of reseller hosting but it says
    "Error from park wrapper: You cannot park your main domain! "

    What shall i do to park my name server domain as my web hosting domain?
    Please instruct me. Thanks.

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    From the error , you are trying to park the main domain itself . Its not possible. You can only park a new domain on your main domain . Try to add a new domain on your main domain from cpanel.

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