ServerOrigin.Com (10/31/2009) has signed a contract with DNSMadeEasy ( ) for all ethProxy customers. DNSMadeEasy has been in business since early 2003 with an unprecedented 100% uptime for the past 6+ years. ethProxy customers now have the option of utilizing our managed DNS solution hosted by DNSMadeEasy. This will include automated DNS failover between our two datacenters. This will provide for full redundancy, from a proxy standpoint, in case of a datacenter failure. This service is FREE of charge to all ethProxy subscribers. We will setup an alternate to your primary proxy and in the event of failure all services will roll to the alternate datacenter. Failover is automatically detected in under 10 minutes, full traffic failover (worldwide) will occur within 60 minutes. More than 97% of the world's traffic would roll to the alternate datacenter within 30 minutes of the initial failure.
Once the primary location comes back online, the DNSMadeEasy service will monitor the service for up to a configurable amount of time before reconfiguring DNS back to primary. Your customers will likely never experience an outage longer than 30 minutes with a full datacenter failure.
If you would like to utilize our DNS failover services, please submit a ticket to support. We will require you moving your site to designated nameservers we provide. Any additional custom records you'd like added, just add those in the ticket. We will have it configured and confirm when it is ready for you to move your domain to our nameservers. DNSMadeEasy will provide more than 40 different nameserver locations available worldwide and complete redundancy in more than 30 datacenters. We are *the first* proxy DDoS protection service to offer a full-datacenter failover solution. This service comes with a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement.
Please let us know if you have any questions, we'll be happy to assist.

Kevin Hatfield
Director of Operations

ServerOrigin.Com / ethProxy Services