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    Multiple Site Design Request

    I am looking for the right person with a proven track record, i.e. extensive portfolio to do the following designs (and no amateurs please):

    - A Free Hosting site with iPanel Integration. Will have banner ads/google adsense etc at the front page and the flexibility to force ads onto the users websites in the near future (but I believe iPanel can do that).

    - A Paid Hosting Site with vBulletin/WHMCS integration. Looking for maybe clean web2.0 style and tabs/menu's at the top not the side.

    - An arcade site skin/design using GameSiteScript + Ads (and may require installation of flash games etc or I believe I can get someone else to do that)

    - An Image Hosting Site with Ads (thinking of using the one from Yabsoft)

    - A File Sharing Site with Ads (thinking of using the one from Yabsoft - Rapidshare style).

    - A Wordpress Skin for a Personal Blog site - with the installation of Calendar scripts, Weather script, MSN Script, Nasdaq/ASX Index info integration (obviously there are free scripts out there, just need someone to install/integrate the design into a custom made skin).

    All Websites Must be SEO Friendly!

    Please PM/Email/MSN Me with a quote on a 5 websites. The winner will be working on all 5 Sites, so won't be splitting jobs to multiple people.

    Time Frame: I'm not in a hurry. Every site can be done slowly, but MUST BE excellent quality work! (sorry for the caps).

    - I will pay a maximum upfront payment of 40% for the beginner of each individual site, and will pay the remaining 60% owed per completion of each individual site, please do not contact me if you can't accept this.

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    Got 3 Quotes so far. Will respond by Tomorrow Night to my PM's.

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    I have added you to msn please contact me when you are online.

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    I've amended my policy and amateurs may quote on the project

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