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    * ★★ Get a page designed for $50 plus discount! ★★


    1) I will not accept any rush jobs. For ex: A page designed in 1 hour is not possible for me and I am not willing to accept such jobs.

    2) I dont work on Saturdays and Sundays.


    I am Siddharth Dubey. A web/graphics designer. I am currently pursuing a 4 year Graduate degree course in communication design. I have been designing since the past 5 years out of which the recent 2 years have been spent in Web Design. I specialize mostly in Web 2.0 designs which offer a simple but sophisticated approach to creating a website.

    In order to fill up my portfolio a bit more, I am willing to design a page for just $50
    . Each extra page gets a discount of 10%!!

    Here are some smaples of my work:

    For more of my work, follow my portfolio links below:

    I accept payments only through paypal.

    You can contact me by:


    I'll be looking forward to your inquiry
    Siddharth Dubey
    Web Designer/HTML-CSS Coder
    Personal Website | dA Portfolio

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    Thanks for the fast updates on my site.

    Looks Great!!!

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