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    VPS or Dedicated?

    I'm running an advertising server and I need to upgrade to a new VPS/Dedicated Server as the database needs to repaired approximately once/week.

    When running during peak hours the adserver has to handle around 50 visits per minute (and all visits would result in a MySQL row being created). The current database I have is approximately 200MB, and would probably be 1GB when on a new VPS/Dedicated server for a couple days.

    I plan on using horizontal partitioning to help increase speed/performance, but how powerful of a VPS/Dedicated server would I need to handle this amount of server load?
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    Personally I'd go for a mid-range VPS or even a powerful shared account. 50 visits per minute isn't a huge amount of load, although your SQL overheads would create a bit more load. The thing with a VPS is you can always upgrade or downgrade without any downtime should your needs change. This can't be said for a dedicated server.

    What sort of package are you serving the content from now? Are you on a VPS or shared? Is it an off-the-shelf package that's serving the ads or is it something custom?
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    Are you using openx?

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    I am currently using a reseller account, and I am using a very slightly modified version of Prosper202.

    I was thinking a mid-range VPS myself, so I think I'll probably do that.
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    A vps is a good choice since it has a lot of advantages over a shared one being much cheaper compare to dedicated. You should try checking the offer section forum.

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    Looking at your usage, you might want to go for at least for a gigabyte of RAM, if not more, as it will definitely improve your database access speeds.

    Personally, I'll go for a dedicated server. One of the least controlled aspects is disk IO, which is really important for a database server. I certainly won't want others to potentially affect my database operations because of heavy read/writes by another user.

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    A VPS would be more cost efficient then a dedicated server.

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    Yes I think that VPS would suit to your requirements at this moment. Just have a look in the VPS offer section of this forum.
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    A VPS with 1000GHz CPU, 1024MB + Ram will be fine.
    If you can opt for more RAM it will be better.

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