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    Cant get Plesk + SmarterMail to work

    Trying to get Plesk 9.2.3 (free - 1 domain) to talk to SmarterMail 6.5 (free) - it says "Error: Some fields are empty or contain an improper value." after setting it up on port 9998, username "admin" and the correct password.

    I can access SmarterMail fine at http://localhost:9998/ and http://my-IP-address:9998/. SmarterMail is configured through IIS7, its in it's own application pool. Since im on 64bit, Mailservice.exe is configured to run as a 32bit service.

    I downloaded SmarterMail Free edition, its installed under the Lite edition - according to here ( thats what SmarterTools recommends.

    Any suggestions?!

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    You cannot expect Smartermail 6.5 beta to work with Plesk. Have you confirmed the release notes of Plesk if it supports Smartermail 6.5 beta?
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    Just to say that its Smartermail 6.5 - its been fully released.

    I changed back to Smartermail 5.5 and it all works.

    Hopefully someone else will find this useful.

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