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    paypal order/small script suggestions?

    'ello friends!
    im out to find an order form/ecommerce script. not sure what it would be called but i do not need a shopping cart script! i just need something that allows users to place an order. the script should include forms allowing the user to input their contact info such as email,phone number,website address, etc. when they're done they pay via paypal and receive an order number. is that too complex? i was hoping i could find a small simple script that allows me to do this and not much more. the user wouldn't be downloading anything after purchase, they're just placing an order that they'll later receive from me!

    Any suggestions on a script? i apologize if i've duplicated someone else's post but i've done a quick over the forums and searched hotscripts and some really nice scripts but not quite what im looking for yet. help me guys/girls!


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    Something very simple could be like this:

    1. You create a basic HTML form that askes for their contact info.

    2. When the form is submitted, the information stored in a database (or just sent to you directly) and then the customer is redirected to paypal for payment. Your system sends an order # to paypal as part of the order.

    3. When the payment is made, the customer is redirected back to your website. The order # is used to find the customer contact information you stored, and this is emailed to you. (Also use PayPal IPN...)

    I hope that makes sense. A good programmer can do this easily in 1 or 2 hours. There are also some scripts available that can do this for you, but cost between free (you'll need to likely fix up the script yourself) to $50 or so for a script that will work out-of-the-box.

    Do a bing search for "paypal IPN script" and see if anything pops up that you might use.
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    thank you for your reply mrzippy i got one figured out finally and taking your suggestion to some use! cheers

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    Is it possible by just making some HTML coding.???

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    I would like to recommend you to use some open source scripts for this purpose because usually such scripts would be more strong, powerful and secured, IMO. They are also tiny in size and easy to use, too.
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