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    which server do i need for a busy dating sites?

    can anyone recomaned a delicate server for my very busy dating sites.

    I have this server from
    1944 Intel Core i7 860, 16gb ram, 1x450gb 15k rpm sas hdd, 10TB, 100mbps port (cuds)

    but sites is still slow.

    I get about about 3000 hits a day. i want need get about 50000 hits a day. But i belive this server will not handle this amount of traffic.

    someone please help

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    Are you sure it can't handle?

    Did you optimize apache properly to accept more connections?
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    You could try Litespeed web server. There are big performance gains using it.

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    It depends on configuration and how good it is written, but I handle 4x that amount of traffic with slower machine. So as somebody said you just need to optimize your server.

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    oh thanks a lots guys.
    i realy don't know much about apache. looks like all i need is somneone to optimize apache

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    How do i optimize apache?

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    If you can afford it, hire someone good to optimise it all. I hear Rack911 are mentioned a lot.

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    Indeed it is slow. It could be Apache, PHP, or MySQL. It could even be disk IO. The first step is to identify the bottleneck. If you have a managed server, ask your provider to take a look and improve the configuration.

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