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    How to find Spam Script

    I found a spam script running in the processes under apache as But no matter how I search I can't seem to find this file, anyone know what is the procedure?

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    Did you try to locate it with lsof ?

    # lsof -p PID_OF_THE_SCRIPT
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    checking maillogs will definitely help to trace the spammer.
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    It could have deleted itself right after starting, to make it hard to find the file, or it could have renamed itself.

    Use lsof to find the process, which may also be hard as it may close and reopen the outgoing connection.

    If you're running suphp you'll be able to see the user. lsof will tell you the current directory. Once you've found that, try:

    find . -mtime -5
    ls -lrt

    to see recently created files and go look in there.

    Or just lock the account and make the account owner pay for solving it!

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