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    What is the best way/software to setup EMAIL for...

    my clients on my VPS Cpanel Linux server. Robust, reliable, bulletproof, and a web interface that does not look like it came from the stone age?


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    So you need a WEB mail client, that also users can create new accounts?
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    Well, a few clients come with Cpanel, at least with mine, Horde, Squirrel mail, etc. I am wondering which of those is the best, most reliable. And if there is another email client I should be considering if it is substantially better. Horde and Squirrel have horrendous web interfaces.

    I will set it up for my hosting clients myself, thru Cpanel if possible. - WordPress for all of us

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    Why not use roundcube? It comes with cPanel also. You just need to enable it through WHM settings.
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    Everybody seems to like the roundcube look and feel.

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    I always like squirrel because its faster.

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    I use Outlook or Rackspace webmail. Both state of the art. the 3 above mentioned that come with Cpanel seem dated. I am also not aware of any of the deeper differences/issues with them. My main issue is that I want to offer my clients a true Business Class of email, which is why I farm it out to Rackspace email. I was merely wondering what might be second best in case my client did not want to pony up whatever I charge for the rackspace email. I came across a new email client/server from an ad on here, but forget the name. Looked pretty slick. - WordPress for all of us

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    Dave on a cPanel server you can't do much to change the MTA (Exim), but for frontend have a look at it's free, they also have a commercial product compare them at

    If you are ready to setup your own MAIL setup have a look at ZIMBRA.
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    Thanks. I will check that out. I am beginning to understand. i will also study EXIM more. Dave - WordPress for all of us

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    We like to use the squirrel webmail client. Its fast.
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