Hi to all,

For this week we have a special offer on some very special configurations. These systems have only 1 available per model and are ready to go just requiring a reload. If you are interested do not delay to order them.

All models come with the following basic services:

- custom partitioning.
- Occasional OS reloads for free.
- The servers are self managed but unlimited support is provided on a best effort basis.

DUALO AMD X2 (Dual Core) 4200+ (2 X 2.2GHz) | 4GB RAM | 2 X 250 GB SATA | 3000GB | 20 IP (1 Available)

East Coast D.C.
$94.90 USD Monthly

AMD Opteron DUAL CORE + 8GB + 2 X 250 GB SATA + 2 IP + 2 TB/100mbps (1 Available)

West Coast D.C.
$94.90 USD Monthly

INTEL C2Q Q9550 - 8 GB RAM - 7 X 250 GB SATA - 3000GB - 2 IP (1 Available)

East Coast D.C.
$149.90 USD Monthly

To view the additional remote options, test IP's as well as control panels etc. and their price and/or to order these servers please visit the following special link.


Also feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any pre-sales questions you might have.

Kindest regards always,