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    * 800, 866, 877 Numbers?? Good? and what are your thoughts?

    Obviously a 1-800 number is a good thing right? I mean as long as there is someone on the other line atleast half the time?

    I checked a few services online and some seem pretty affordable, but the number i want might not be available. However a number like 1-888-NLL-LLLLL is available?

    How do these numbers work? what are my chances of getting a number that is already taken by verizon or idt but seems to not be in use by anyone? how would a number like the one which is available above work, does it still look professional?

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    Where do you live? In Aus, 1800 numbers charge the call recipetent, where as 1500 numbers are changed to the caller at local rates and some xxx number is done by the min, but it all depends on where you live.

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    sorry, im based in the USA and mostly USA clients, but worldwide calls would be accepted. - Web, Tech, Startups and More! - Design, Development, SEO, Analytics and more!

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    We had an 800 number for over a year but it almost never got a call. In the days of cell phones and VOIP, most people are perfectly willing to make a long distance phone call and have no reason to use the toll free option.

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    So true. The 1-800 business must be hurting big time. Between my Cell and my Skype account, I really have no reason to dial a 1-800 number.

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    yea, i understand, but for a business, a 1-800-4-MYNAME would look more professional than for examble 281-472-XXXX

    and are there any toll free numbers other than the 800, 888, 866, 877?

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    To answer your question, no, atleast i am not aware of any other toll free phone extensions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hugemarkus View Post
    and are there any toll free numbers other than the 800, 888, 866, 877?
    That's it for now. Although when they fill up it'll go to 855, 844, 833, and 822. They also have reserved 880 through 887 and 889.

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    At least in my opinion it looks better, especially as mentioned before getting a vanity one. I get a few calls a day(although different industry), but if you have the money to spare(its not a huge investment, 20 a month or so for a min package or cheaper I think) It also looks better. Depends on your budget I guess.

    Also I do not think world wide can call 800 numbers, has to be in the US(and even in the US you have local 800 numbers and entire US 800 numbers)
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    The numbers are a great idea if your targeting mainly local clients as they always like to have someone on the phone.
    Although not many other people will use them.
    Also you need to have someone at the other end most of the time, if not 24/7
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    toll free number? depends

    IMHO having a toll free number for your business even if it never gets used can not hurt. If anything it will still garner confidence in your prospective client as it will make you seem more professional. If a toll free number just isn't in your budget then do not get one it is not needed in this day and age as it was before. If they are looking at your website they will more likely want to order directly or e-mail you. Again this is all in my opinion and would also depend on what type of business you have.

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    We find having a toll-free number a great marketing tool. For $31/mo (what we're charged) we get a lot of minutes, extensions, voicemail and Virtual Receptionist which shows our clients and potential clients that we're a little more safer than other companies that do not have one.

    Ask yourself this: 1. Would you go with company A that does not have a phone number or company B that has a phone number?

    A toll-free number just looks a little more professional. We even got a toll-free fax number as well.

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    I would thoroughly recommend having a toll free number. As others have stated, it adds credibility and legitimacy to your business. And in all honesty, it doesn't cost all that much to have one. You can always use a service such as Kall8. They only charge $2/month plus 6.9 cents per minute for each toll free call that you receive. In addition, you can choose to have the calls routed to any number you choose and they offer a variety of other features as well.
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    I have had a 1-888 number from kall8 for a while works well, easy way for clients to get intouch when they need to. I can set it to ring to any number I need to. In general I think it makes clients feel a little more comfortable when they can actually reach someone on the other end.
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    Having a toll free number certainly does add some degree of professionalism however the phones should be backed with helpful support..

    We started offering toll-free phone support quite a while ago and I was pretty surprised by the number of calls we received on a daily basis.. If it's presales, then the call would normally last 10mins.. however if you're doing it for tech support, the average call length in our case is 15-20mins.. with some exceeding an hour...I recall one customer we spent 2hrs+ on a weekend with...

    So basically, be prepared to provide some solid support if you do go with the phone route..It requires patience and you need to have good people skills (especially when it comes to presales)..
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    We currently have a 866 toll free number and our customers love it, it's very helpful for them as they do not always like emails and tickets etc. Although it is no easy task to provide phone support and it can be time consuming and we have to be able to provide solid support without saying "Oh, I can't help you with this, just submit a ticket".

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    Exclamation New 033 prefix?

    I heard of business 800 number using prefix such as 800, 866, 877, 888. Recently I read a blog (forgot which blog) stating that in UK there is a new prefix of 033? How true is this?

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