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    * Few ethProxy Customers - Staminus Datacenter Outage

    –10:53 PM CDT

    ethProxy customers in our Staminus datacenter have an outage due to our transport fiber being cut feeding Staminus. We’re awaiting an ETA, we’re also configuring new services out of an alternate datacenter to get customers online. We are working diligently to get an ETA of resolution. The entire Staminus datacenter is impacted. Please open a ticket if you’d like to be configured on a different datacenter during the interim. We are hoping this will be resolved sooner than we’ll have the other server online. This issue was in no part due to ServerOrigin or something within our control. We are severely impacted and escalating, we hope to have this resolved as quickly as possible.

    You can check status for ServerOrigin at:
    Billing/Ticket System at:

    You can email support directly via: [email protected]
    Contact Phone Support via: 1-888-670-0853


    ServerOrigin.Com Management

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    -04:22AM CDT:
    Datacenter issues have been resolved. Customers that were moved to the alternate location, we will allow 12 hours before we request the move back. This will ensure no issues.

    Please let us know if you have any issues. Thanks so much for your patience throughout this situation.



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