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    HELP...need suggestions

    I plan to attend the SES Chicago Search Engine Strategies Expo this coming December. BUT my budget is tight - very tight yet I can not afford "not" to attend.

    So I am asking you experience SES/SEM gurus which events would you recommend me attending to get the most for my money?
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    Well. If you are a complete novice, than reading electronic books, forums and articles in Internet should be the cheapest solution. Just try at the beginning no to dig into each sub-topic very deeply. First get an high-level outlook. The books and article collections that expose the most discrete contents, and highlighting the biggest number of topics will probably be the best here.

    Visiting Expo's and conferences may be useful, of course. However, I would leave this to people who are actually hired and have an opportunity to attend them paying not own, but corporate money.

    When already having some basic knowledge, the best way to proceed is to experiment and gain experience yourself. Establish some clear projects and assign certain budget from your whole sum. Your expenses will be: buying content, hosting, domains, links, articles, services and many many others.

    Good luck!

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    Visiting Expo's and conferences may be useful, of course. However, I would leave this to people who are actually hired and have an opportunity to attend them paying not own, but corporate money. /QUOTE]

    Very insightful and rational thought. Yet, I must tell you that I have read many blogs/forums, books and articles. I have saved up for this conference so that now I can meet, network, question and talk to people who may have more experience and knowledge to share.

    But I will make what you a major factor in choosing to go or not to go in future conferences and/or workshop. Expo on the other hand are different. There I can speak to vendors and find new vendors/products that I was not aware of or are new to the market.
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    The only difference is that you'll get to meet people and talk to people personally. But in my opinion, everything that you need to know, need to learn is on the internet. Sometimes, the only problem is that you might be looking on the wrong site. Since there are still a lot who pretend to be experts on the fact that they aren't.

    But there's still nothing wrong on attending expo's. Though I don't really have the time to do so. =)

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    atteding expo and learning will be a good investment

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    There is a website that looks like its under development right now called that has a calendar and info of SES events. You might want to check it out to get info on all of them. The SES conventions are one of the top places to go in my opinion however.
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    I suggest you to go to the expo if you can afford it. The industry events are great place to get together with some excellent professionals and to speak to them. But please note that you might not learn a lot there. Those gatherings are excellent opportunity for networking and doing business, not for learning. Rainbow2 is right that you'd better read books... you can also join some webinars.
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    It's just for a networking biz, nothing to learn there

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    Unless you intend to gain new business through face to face networking then you are wasting your time and money. ALL expo's etc are merely a money spinner and a great time for the "click" to get together and massage egos.

    You will learn a lot more, for free, by using Google and your eyes to read.

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