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    Outlook 2003 Archiving Question

    Hello all,

    I'm currently in the process of researching Outlook 2003 and its archiving/auto-archiving features.

    Here's what we're trying to accomplish.. Any emails 30+ days old go to the archive.pst file (this will be stored on a network share just as fyi). I know within the Outlook archiving settings I can save the file to the share, but my main focus is the next thing we're attempting to setup in conjunction with the first part.

    Anything in the archive.pst file that is 1yr and older of the current date when the task is ran gets deleted. I have no clue if this is possible to setup within Outlook or there are other ways to go about doing this. Any help would be appreciated.



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    the first thing you should be aware of is that pst files are not designed to be used over a netwrok share - only local to the c / d drive of the pc. you are likely to come across corruption.

    If you must go down the pst route, save the pst to the local drive and run a monthly or weekly script to copy the pst to a network share before outlook is open

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    Hello Brendan,

    You can achieve it with the following tool.
    Windows/Linux Expert; Plesk/Cpanel/Ensim Guru.
    ..and an expert spam tracker.

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    I should mention that we are currently using Icewarp 9 for the mail server and will be upgrading to version 10 once they release the new version for Linux. There's an Outlook connector installed on all the workstations that syncs the contacts, etc. Any continued information will be helpful.

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