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    Outlook 2003 Archiving Question

    Hello all,

    I'm currently in the process of researching Outlook 2003 and its archiving/auto-archiving features.

    Here's what we're trying to accomplish.. Any emails 30+ days old go to the archive.pst file (this will be stored on a network share just as fyi). I know within the Outlook archiving settings I can save the file to the share, but my main focus is the next thing we're attempting to setup in conjunction with the first part.

    Anything in the archive.pst file that is 1yr and older of the current date when the task is ran gets deleted. I have no clue if this is possible to setup within Outlook or there are other ways to go about doing this. Any help would be appreciated.



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    Tools > options > other > easy to figure out....

    For files that are 1 year, I would simply create a new .pst. For example, I have 2008, 2009, and now creating 2010 folders for one job. (Only solution I have there.) Don't try to make things too complicated... lol

    I'd move to Outlook 2007... but that is me...

    If you can:

    For one job, this is what I did:

    Then I would setup a gmail account and store all old emails there and not worry about deleting after 6 months... might go in once a year and clean up... or even another email account with my hosting provider. I manually drag my emails over once a month... not hard... many I drop asp and filter by subject in gmail. And I'm not a huge google/gmail fan (I don't use gmail for my all day email solution)... but out of the free email providers, they provided the only solution I could use for this purpose... at the time.

    pst files can become corrupt... I don't trust them. Seen that happen too many times. Although, the free tool Microsoft provides will fix them and if you backup the file, this is not an issue either.
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