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    Search Results Coming from WHO?

    I noticed in advertising that many search engines get
    their results directly from other engines. In this case
    if you ranked high in the engine feeding those, you would
    rank high in the sites getting their results from the main engine.

    I see a similar trend with online yellow page and local listings.
    Does anyone know of a compiled list of where all these listings
    get their listings from?

    For example i know feeds 8 other sites, but
    each of those sites charge to get listed? But when i sign up
    for superpages i automatically get listed in the other 8?

    Kind of a rip off.
    A Resellers Dream, In a Box

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    60 has an affiliate program. I think that when you purchase ads at super pages you will be offered to broadcast your site (ads) through their affiliate network with no extra fee.

    For example i know feeds 8 other sites
    search in google for "powered by" to get an idea on how many websites use feeds.

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