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Thread: Server Issues

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    Server Issues

    Hi I'm Tim I work for a marketing company and we have
    managed hosting with OLM. We are having issues of heavy
    loads on our server which OLM says is due to traffic.

    We do not have that much traffic but the server load goes
    from 17% to 27% and our sites then take forever to come
    up and even logging into the ensim control panel or
    accessing anything in the control panel takes forever.

    At one point we called in and they restarted Apache and said
    that there was an issue in Apache. Up to now we have not had
    issues now this has become a predominant issue on a daily basis.

    Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions ?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Assuming this is a Linux system where are you getting your server load percentages from, within Ensim?

    If its generally sluggish with the % of load you mention it sounds like io wait.

    Ultimatley if it's managed then it's upto your provider to look into the issues. It may well be due to traffic, but they need to diagnose what is causing the load so it can be further optimized.

    If they are not upto the task I would suggest hiring a reputable admin (Admingeekz/Rack911 comes to mind) for some decent optimization of your machine.

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