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    Site Review

    Hi Guys,

    I would like to have your opinion on this:

    Is not a hosting website, but always related to the IT services.

    Waiting for your opinion!

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    Personally I think the Bevel effect has been used far too much on that design. Lose some of it and overall it looks pretty decent.

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    nice and clean, though not digging the gray text at the bottom. How large is the gray image, takes a few secs to load and I'm on a fast connection. Overall nicely done, very web 2.0

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    overall great job, i like the clean look, and color combination.
    the grey text in the footer could be a little bit darker though as it is somewhat hard to see.

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    Thanks to all for your reviews!!!

    I'll try to optimize the grey footer and change some of that Bevel effect!

    Thanks again for your opinion, really appreciate it.

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    Looks great here

    Just wonder what that "2" means in your domain

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