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    Microservers from intel

    Just saw this news about intel's blade-esque plan to bring out micro web hosting servers

    I am looking to see if any hosting providers find this idea worth exploring?

    The 2.5" HDDs makes me wonder about IO speeds. Surely these are not server grade drives?

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    Looks interesting.

    You can get server grade 2.5" sata disks i.e.

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    We've had good experiences with the 2.5" SAS drives from Seagate. I think they're around 10K RPM. I believe they are the ones Dell uses in their "Green" servers.
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    You can also use VelociRaptors, they're enterprise grade and 10,000rpm
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    Our Sun servers (4100/4150) have 2.5" drives - I am sure they are server grade drives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Website themes View Post
    The 2.5" HDDs makes me wonder about IO speeds. Surely these are not server grade drives?
    2.5" is a common size for SAS drives. They're even faster than 3.5" drives due to there being less distance that the drive heads have to move, and they use less power due to having smaller platters to spin. The ability to fit 24 drive slots on the front of a 2U server (or 8-10 on a 1U) is also very nice.
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