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    Is stipulating management terms in a money back guarantee wrong?

    We recently implemented a 7-day money back guarantee however we stated it does not qualify if you do not read our management terms.

    Basically we have a client who is requesting a refund on an $8.00 self-managed server, now we all ready spent time setting up the server and helping the customer. But something he had done on the server caused the networking to fail and could not be fixed with simple commands.

    Because we asked him to rebuild because these software issues are not covered by our self-managed hosting he is requesting a refund.

    Do you think it is wrong of us to not honor this refund request?

    We do offer managed hosting in which we help configure the software on the server but our self-managed hosting brings in little profit therefore little support can be spent on it.

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    Well - if it's $8 I'd suck it up and refund the money in the name of good customer service. Even if it's $100 you might consider this and then change your sign up to be very specific about what is covered.

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    Thank you for your advice. Clarity is always a key, I guess when we state self-managed it isn't always clear.

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    Sure, shows us your management terms then.

    EDIT: Just for clarity. :p
    And the $8 is a lie. It is $40.02 paid quarterly.
    Check the screenshot in my thread.
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